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Tuesday, Dec. 03, 2002

Now Playing - does the pounding of my head count? No? Then "Tear-Stained Letter" by Richard Thompson.
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So, mentioning that I got a search hit for "d0minant h0usewife" now makes me the #1 search hit for "d0minant h0usewife." Getting an Equity Card should be so easy.

Someone also found me through a search on my full name. There's a "me" who does marketing/advertising in New Zealand, and a "me" who is some sort of a financial advisor. In fact, I think I got a message last week from someone looking for "her." I should call her back and tell her she got the wrong one.

Ooh, "I'm" a travel agent in Trinidad!

Here's a link to a mention of the real me in a distinctly non-theatrical setting. My first brush with Internet Immortality! Such as it is....

I have an audition for a commercial on Friday. It'll run on local cable, and it's for a mortgage company. They're looking for a "Corporate/Soccer Mom combo." That's a look. Business suit and Timberlands? If I get it, the shoot's the 17th, which would be great because we have no daytime exams that day. Regardless of the outcome, I'll have an audition tape on file with them.

And I'll probably be picking up a bit of work with the Star Carolers, my friend Marci's group. They have a few gigs at various Borders across the Island of Long, and she isn't really fond of doing them. It's spending money, or at least spending gift certificates. Which are always handy during the holidays.

Off to caffeinate and ibuprofen mah head.

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