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Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2005

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I should have gone to the gym tonight.

Huz is at work. I had nothing pressing to do (except the dishes, which have formed precarious piles because weíre both Practicing Avoidance) but I was crabby from the escalating end oísemester stress at work, my contacts were killing me and When Harry Met Sally was on TV. License to veg.

I should have gone, because finals begin Monday and donít end until the 22nd, and who knows until how late Iíll be working each night. But I thtill caníth thpeak becauth my thongue ith thwollen, and Iím going to the dentist Friday which will only exacerbate the problem. And we decided not to get a tree this year and damned if I donít feel a case of The Mean Reds: Holiday Edition coming on. And there are car troubles, and students who canít follow directions, and not enough hours in the day.

But Iím going to a party this weekend, and I should have my first vocal rehearsal sometime this month, and I have gifts to give and small children to squeeze and days off. And people who love me.

Someone will be home soon to hug me tonight. Iíll go to the gym tomorrow. Iíll do what I can over the coming weeks, and what gets done gets done.

Everythingís better by the light of day.

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