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what I did on my winter vacation
Sunday, Jan. 13, 2008

Now Playing - that Eagles special on VH1 Classic.
Now Eating - drinking, grape juice.
Now Feeling - headachy and hopeful.
Now Tweeting - Melanie

...in no particular chronological order:

Got a sinus infection.
Dropped my new cell phone in the toilet.
Saw a movie.
Saw a show two shows.
Slept. A LOT.
Had shelves put up in the laundry room. FINALLY.
Stayed out late.
Stayed up late.
Ate this, followed by these.
Regretted the former, blessed whoever invented the latter.
Watched my wireless network crap out.
Got it working again without panicked calls to techie friends.
Watched it crap out again, along with my regularly scheduled internet connection.
Immersed myself in many games of Freecell as a result (54% winning percentage).
Magically managed to get everything working again, FOR THE MOMENT.
Wrapped presents.
Helped him wrap presents.
Received presents.
Bought furniture.
Bought more furniture.
Bought yet more furniture.
Reorganized the homestead to better accommodate the incoming furniture.
Assembled furniture, with much spitting and cursing.
Assembled more furniture, with 90% less spitting and cursing.
Gave up soda for a week.
Noticed no obvious difference.
Started drinking soda again.
Got drenched.
Alternated between being incredibly busy and futzing around doing nothing at work.
Got another cute haircut, visual evidence of which does not yet exist. However, the "before" picture is here.

The students come back tomorrow, that is if we don't have a snow day. Fingers crossed.

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