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perhaps I spoke too soon
Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2010

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Well, gee, I forgot about this variation on New Year's resolutions I made last year. Let's see how those went:

[And as an aside, you KNOW you haven't written in a while when you forget even the most basic HTML. It took a day to figure out how to make a page anchor for that last entry.]

...I am growing out my hair. I have pictures of myself from over ten years ago where my hair is more than halfway down my back, and I honestly can't remember it being that long. Well, it's more like I can't remember living with it while it was that long So before I embrace being une femme d'un certain âge, I'm growing it out. One last hair hurrah, as it were.
Grew it out over the summer - fine for keeping it in a ponytail, unbearably hot otherwise. Made it to about shoulderbladeish length. Got tired, cut it off. And it's still recovering from the summer sun.

...I will get a passport. Not for any specific travel (::winks at Kim::), but just in case. And especially since I have relatives d'un certain âge out of the country.
Huz and I have both filled out applications. There's just that little matter of taking them to the post office and taking pictures. And paying for them. Baby steps.

...I have already found a perfect gift for someone. A couple of someones, in fact.
Okay, so it's the almost perfect gift, in that the sentiment is exactly what I want but the actual object isn't, necessarily. May try etsy to see if I can get what I want handmade.

...I need to find some new doctors, because shlepping almost two counties away for appointments is just ridiculous. I also need to schedule some overdue appointments.
Went to two new doctors last year. But am now almost two years overdue for a physical, and didn't see my endocrinologist because the radiologist never sent him my ultrasound results. Never followed up with radiologist about that. Have a scrip for a mammogram sitting in my datebook. Medical demi-FAIL, I know. I KNOW.

...I would like to learn (as Millay put it)

some beautiful language, useless for commercial
Purposes, work hard at that.

Mrs. Smith's posts reminded me that somewhere I have an email that links to iTunes language podcasts. I should really do something with that, if for no other reason than to broaden my vocabulary when cursing out fellow drivers on the LIE.
Nope. Still thinking podcasts, or maybe swiping my boss' Rosetta Stone Portuguese CDs. Registered at an online language site.

...I will finish that Millay biography that's been on the shelf for a dog's age.
Nope. But I did read The Time Traveler's Wife. And want to again.

...I shall purge the vestiges of old relationships from my hard driveX, inbox, cell phone, nightstandX and mind√√√.

...I am going to try to talk more. Because I need to, and I should, if I expect anyone to understand how I feel. And because when someone tells you that you never talk about anything, maybe you should take that as a hint.
That's a work in progress, but I'm trying.

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